Raydar (www.goraydar.com) - FAQ

LAST UPDATED: 29th day of December, 2016

  1. Pricing

    1. How are images priced on Raydar?

      All stock photo prices on Raydar are pegged to the original price from the source - what our partners will sell on their own website. As Raydar is selling stock photos from multiple stock photo brands, the price range amongst different brands can differ greatly.

    2. Does Raydar have Subscription plans?

      Raydar currently offers a simple pay-as-you-go model. Just need 1 image? Sure, there are no minimum credit buys or minimum quantity purchases. Therefore, at this time, we do not have any subscription plans.

  2. License / Usage

    1. What is the license of the stock photos found on Raydar?

      Raydar’s stock photos are either:

      1. A. Creative Commons Zero / CC0 (Free stock photos)

        All photos published on Raydar are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or its source.

      2. B. Royalty Free (RF) License (Pay-to-use stock photos labelled as “Premium” in the Search Results)

        The RF license allows buyers to download and use stock photos in an unlimited number of ways by only paying for a single license fee. However, there are some limitations of this license. For example, for print use, only a maximum of 250,000 copies can be made. Using stock photos to create products like a T-shirt or mug to sell to another customer, is also prohibited, unless the RF Extended License has been purchased.

    2. Can I share Royalty Free (RF) photos with my colleagues or clients?

      Yes you can share it in 2 ways, either via a Raydar Favourites Folder or a Sample Image

    3. Can I purchase RF stock photos on behalf of my client?

      Yes you can! You can also download the invoice from your profile to share it with them.

    4. Can I resell RF stock photos purchased on Raydar?

      Please do not do that, it is unethical.

    5. Can I re-download the same RF stock photo?

      Yes, you can re-download past purchases from the Download history tab on your Profile Page

    6. Can I share the RF stock photos on social media platforms like Facebook?

      By all means, yes!

    7. Are your images/videos model released?

      Yes, Raydar’s images are certified model/property released by our partners.

  3. Purchasing Images On Raydar

    1. Raydar uses Stripe to process payments.

    2. What payment methods are accepted on Raydar?

      Raydar accepts payment by all major Credit Cards.

    3. How can I download the purchased stock photo after my payment?

      After your purchase, your download should start automatically. Otherwise, you will see a page where there is a link to download the stock photo.

    4. Do you keep my credit card details?

      Raydar does not store any credit card details. All information related to payment are handled by Stripe.

    5. Are there any hidden credit card charges?

      No there are no additional charges. What you pay for is the total amount you see upon checkout.

  4. Refund

    1. Can I get a refund if I dislike the purchased stock photo(s)?

      Unless there is a technical problem with the stock photo, no refunds are allowed.

  5. General

    1. What is Raydar?

      Raydar is a stock photo search engine that helps designers save time. We do this by combining the widest range of stock photos with the best search experience built on AI and Machine Learning.

    2. How is Raydar different from other stock photo sites?

      Raydar is a search aggregator platform. This means Raydar does not own any stock photo content nor do we work directly with photographers, but instead partner with leading stock photo agencies and companies to help them sell their content to an international audience.

    3. I am an individual photographer, can I sell my photos on Raydar?

      As Raydar is a search aggregator, we only work with stock photo agencies or distributors as partners. If you are interested in making money from stock photos, please write to us at hello@goraydar.com with your online portfolio. We will recommend to you the most suitable stock photo agency / distributor you should work with.

  6. Refund

    1. Can I get a refund if I dislike the purchased stock photo(s)?

      Unless there is a technical problem with the stock photo, no refunds are allowed.

  7. Your Account

    1. Can the website allow more than 2 people using it at the same time with the same account?

      We advise that 1 person login at a time.

  8. My Question Is Not Listed Here

    1. Please contact customer support.

      You can contact us at hello@goraydar.com - We will respond within 24 hours.