Raydar is The Fastest Way For Designers & Marketers to
Find & Buy Stock Photos Across Multiple Brands.

A simpler “no buzzwords” blurb:

Raydar is an e-commerce website for designers and marketers to buy stock photos
from different brands easily.

Our mission is to make it easy for creatives to access and use the strongest visual content to enhance the communication of their message.

At Raydar, we solve the time consuming search for stock photos by bringing the top stock photo brands together in one place, so that they can be found and purchased easily. To ensure that the best photos can be found, we’ve also made it super easy to discover visually similar photos with an award winning search experience.

We are a close knit team of 10 based in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney, made up of highly motivated individuals who loves challenges. In our small family, our roles range from working on search and architecture for more than 100 million images, marketing and communication to global users and customer service to ensure their experience on Raydar is top notch. We often have job openings for interns and full time positions, check them out here:

What gets us excited everyday:

We are an impact driven company. We believe that strong visual communication can educate and influence for good, and we want to make the World a better place through visual content. Our team is motivated by this strong common focus.

We are also a growth oriented company. Our team culture and hiring decisions place a lot of emphasis on personal growth and career development that must be aligned with the company’s strategy. After all, we are all about saving time and our time on Earth is finite. Let’s work together only if there are fireworks.

Our Team Members:

Keith Teo

Co-founder and CEO

Khang Dinh

Co-founder and CTO

Thuyen Ho

Senior Software Engineer

Phuoc Le

Software Engineer

Thi Doi

Senior Business Operations Executive

Thuy Vo

Admin and Finance Executive